Bardessono Eco Resort Case study

Bardessono Eco Resort: Case Study

Bardessono Eco Resort is a 62-room boutique luxury inn and spa nestled on a 4.9-acre site in Yountville, California in the heart of Napa Valley. It is one of the LEED Platinum-certified buildings in the U.S. The hotel features 940 solar panels that provide approximately one-half of the total electrical energy requirement of the property.

LOCATION: Yountville, Napa Valley in California
Site area: 4.9-acre
Builtup area: 1.5-acre
Architect: WATG

Civil Engineer: Bartelt Engineering
MEP Engineer: Ecotope
Structural Engineer: I.L.
Landscape: George W. Girvin Associates Inc.
GrossConsultants: O’Brien & Company,
 Powell Padham Martin-Vegue

Connectivity :
San Francisco International Airport (SFO) 1.5hrs/67 miles
Oakland International Airport (OAK) 1.5hr/60 miles
Sacramento International Airport (SMF) 1.5 hr/73miles

Site Surrounding Info:
Climate: Napa Valley has a dry Mediterranean climate
Temperature: 3 to 33C
Rainfall: 27.3 in (less Rainfall)

Lucy Restaurant & Bar, located at the LEED Platinum-certified Bardessono hotel in the heart of Yountville, is an approachable fine-dining restaurant known for its modern aesthetic and garden-inspired “field-to-fork” fare.

Bardesoono Eco Resort Site Plan

Eco resort site plan

Bardesoono site has three entries one main and the rests two are for the Lucy Restaurant & Bar and the spa block.

All the hotel blocks have there unique landscaping in their courtyards. This gives the guests a different view and feels in all the blocks.

Bardesoono Eco Resort Floor Plans

Eco resort bardessono

On the ground floor, the main block is the restaurant block, in this, the toilets are placed in the center, and behind them are the kitchen and the service rooms. Along with the site, the boundary is the electrical service area for the transformer.

On this we can see that every main room has an open area attached to it like a ballroom has an event patio, the lounge has a lounge patio, Main dining has a patio for open dining seating. Event the private dining has a private patio.

They have given a feel of nature in every corner of the resort.

Eco resort Bardesoono

On the first floor, only the yellow parts are the rest of the rooms all the area is the roof which is covered with solar panels.

The rooftop of the SPA is a rooftop deck with dining. This rooftop deck gives a view of Napa Valley. Besides the SPA’s this rooftop swimming pool is another activity that a guest can enjoy in Bardesoono.

The scale of the building is not raised so that views of the mountains are not blocked.

Eco Resort Bardesoono

Bardesoono Eco Resort Accomodation Plans

Rooms In Bardesoono

Bardesoono provides 3 types of rooms and in a villa which is further divided into 3 types. The specialty of these rooms is that they all have a private courtyard to enjoy the view and feel nature.

Let’s talk about the rooms,

SPA Suite: It is divided into two types King and King Queen. The only difference is the additional queen bed in the king queen suite.
They have a gas fireplace, massage table luxurious bathroom with a private courtyard.

Steam SPA Suite: In addition to SPA Suite it has an outdoor shower attached to the private courtyard. This provides an extra attachment to nature and gives a chance to enjoy the summers outside the rooms in nature.

Tufa Suite: This suite is larger than the rest two rooms with a luxurious living area and a larger private courtyard. There are 6 Tufa rooms throughout the whole resort.

The Villas are made such that they can be used by a single-family or can be given to three different families at the same time.
They are divided into Flinth Suite, Quartole Suite, Jaspe Suite.

All three have their private courtyard and the SPA. They also have private parking. The rooms are luxurious and have living, dining, and a fireplace too.

The rooms have large windows to get the most of the natural light and proper shading is prevent it from heating during the summers.

Bardessono Eco Resort: Building Material

  • It is one of the few LEED Platinum-certified resorts in the United States.
  • Wood and recycled steel were used to build it.
  • Salvaged wood on the siding of the exterior walls and other areas inside the property.
  • Recycled steel was also used on the building’s façade in the form of rusted steel panels.
  • Existing limestone from a former wine cellar was reused to create large sections of the building’s exterior.
  • To encourage guests to enjoy the region’s temperate climate, the ground-level guestrooms have private courtyards that feature outdoor showers and tubs.
  • All guestrooms include large dual-pane glass windows which are designed to take advantage of natural light while controlling glare and yielding warmth during the colder seasons.

Bardessono Eco Resort: Sustainable Elements

  • Many of the property’s landscaped features are made from rammed earth to celebrate the local soils.
  • 100-year-old olive trees and other drought-resistant landscaping
  • Eighty-two 300-foot-deep geothermal wells to heat and cool guestrooms and provide hot water,
  • Automatically-controlled Venetian blinds to let in the sun early in the day and out later in the day
  • Motion-detected electricity in guestrooms
  • Dual-flush toilets and reuse and treatment of gray and black water for irrigation through Yountville’s water system.
  • 940 solar panels that provide approximately one-half of the total electrical energy requirement of the property.
  • Bardessono offers carbon fiber bicycles and on-site producing gardens. The eco-boutique hotel’s restaurant emphasizes local, farm-fresh ingredients.

Bardessono Eco Resort: Features

  • To ensure the Bardessono Eco Resort upscale vision would fit within the context of Yountville’s charming small-town feel.
  • The design approach focused on reducing the project scale with no buildings exceeding two levels.
  • Buildings were designed with flat roofs to minimize blocking views of the surrounding hills and thoughtfully connected by courtyards, each with their own unique design concept.
  • As guests travel throughout the property, they can encounter various landscape features and sculptures encouraging them to connect with their natural environment and retreat into a space that does the same.
  • Bardessono’s rooftop pool offers loungers and diners spectacular views of Napa.

Bardesoono Eco Resort


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