Adam Levine House Interior

This blog is a detailed analysis of Adam Levine Prinsloo’s Soulful LA house interior. The great interior of a house is a reflection of the personality of the owner. Adam Levine Prinsloo’s Soulful L.A. House Interior perfectly reflects the style and thinking of him in his house.

All the hobbies and requirements of Adam Levine, his wife Behati Prinsloo, and two children are considered during making their interior of the LA house. It’s an aesthetic house interior.

Adam Levine  and Behati in Prinsloo’s Soulful L.A. House LIving room

About House Owners 


Adam Noah Levine is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and the lead vocalist of the pop-rock band Maroon 5. Behati Prinsloo Levine is a Namibian model.

Hobbies and Interests: 

Adam loves to play guitar. His liquor of choice is Tequila. Adam loves arts and paintings. He loves architecture and sneakers. He is also interested in antiques. Behati loves wardrobes and collections, being a supermodel.


Dusty Rose Levine (4 years old) and Gio Grace Levine (3 years old) 


Adam Levine is 42 years old and Behati is 33 years old.

Family Background and Religion:

His father and his mother’s grandfather were both Jewish and he considers himself Jewish, though he does not practice the religion in the traditional manner. Instead, he has a more generalized, spiritual way of life.

Prinsloo was born in Namibia, then part of South Africa. Her father was a church minister and her mother runs a bed and breakfast. So, they are also very religious. 


Adam Levine House Interior is locatedPacific Palisades property: Pacific Palisades is a neighborhood and district in the Westside of the city of Los Angeles, California 

Architects and House Designers

Cliff may (architect)


“Home with a Garden in Every Room”

Cliff May’s homes are unique in their relationship to the outdoors. They are Californian, built for individuals who want to erase the lines between indoors and outdoors and embrace the spectacular Southern California climate.


Every room in the house has a connection to the outdoors. Floor-to-ceiling glass takes the place of walls to bring light and nature in, creating a relationship to the outdoors that is as much a part of the home as the decor.

Clements Design (Interior Designer)

  1. Clements Design-  An interior designing firm in Los Angeles.
  2. Founder- Kathleen Clements (the mother) and Tommy Clements (the son)
  1. Clients – Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres, Bruno Mars, etc. 

Adam Levine House Interior is designed by Clements Design.

Cliff May (Architect)


Inspired by nature, Clements Design is known for its gallery-like, scenic interiors filled with carefully selected rustic antiques.


Tommy admits that he can really get obsessed with the little things and all the little design details, while his mother has a much more macro perspective, she always considers the big picture and believes there still has to be something unexplainable, even magical, to give a home its character and soul.

Introduction of the Project

Client’s requirements 

  1. They didn’t want a palatial McMansion. 
  2. A safe and playful environment for kids, considering their ages.
  3. Connectivity and close association with nature, away from the chaotic life of the city.
  4. A place that feels calm, holy, homey and super cozy. 

Designers input

The aim was to strip it all down by following techniques- 

  • Use of simplified materials
  • Making the best use of a neutral color palette, resembling the calmness that nature offers. 
  • exposing the bones of the house to create a beautiful, neutral backdrop for Adam & Behati’s collections of art and design.
  • To make everything comfortable and super-casual, nothing luxurious or lavish where the kids have the run of the house, and friends and family are always welcome. 

Adam Levine Kitchen Interior 

  • Adam and Bheati spend most of their time inside the kitchen and dining area.
  •  Neutral and soft tones were used to give a calming effect all day. 
  • Off white walls
  • Clean white ceilings 
  • Neutralising furniture tones- black stools (by Thomas Hayes studio), wooden chairs for dining, blue and beige informal dining table with a calacatta marble kitchen slab. 
  • Doors with same shades and tones to blend in with the walls. 
  • Curtains of the same colours and hues as that of the walls, add a sense of monotonicity to the space.
  • Kitchen is also connected to the outdoor lawn which lets the natural light travel in and gives the space a very open feel. It also makes way for spending family time in an open dining area.
  • The lights used in the room are Bruno Munari’s offwhite pendant lamp lights that really define the space better. 
adam levine kitchen interior
Painting in adam levine kitchen
Album Cover and Inspirational painting in the kitchen
  • Sage Vaughn painting- Near the dining area they have this beautiful painting by their friend and well known painter and illustrator Sage Vaughn. The painting of a shark floating above a field of flowers provided the cover art for the Jordi album. In the painting Vaughn has also hidden a few little elements like african animals as Behati is an animal lover and she is from namibia (then africa) 

Adam Levine House Interior Living Room

The living room is voluminous. A striking Rashid Johnson canvas-  best exemplifies the home’s pervasive vibe of hushed chic and lounge luxury house.

Colors used in the living room- beige, brown, grey, black, and white.
Low to ground coffee tables and comfortable furniture for cozy afternoons (to ensure a safe environment for their young ones)

The exposed truss ceiling, painted white gives a more structurally aesthetic look and makes the space feel enormous. 

  • Classic Jean Prouvé Visiteur chairs (with thin red handles, black fabric and wooden frame) complement the entire feel of the space.
  • Minimalist basalt slab cocktail tables that hover inches off the floor are another iconic detail of the living room.
  • The lawn gives this feel of a huge room because of the floor to ceiling glass walls and that is why it is also ground zero for dance parties.
  • An artwork by Mary Corse graces the living-room fireplace. Lounge chairs by Waldo’s Designs.
furniture in adam levine living room
furniture in adam levine living room
chair in adam levine living room
fireplace in adam levine living room

Adam Levine House Interior Dining Hall

  • Adam and Behati spend time in this Formal dining space only on big occasions.
  • White plaster on the walls and the ceilings Softens everything.
  • Matte finish tiles are used for flooring
  • Custom chairs of tubular steel and oak surround a Clements dining table of charred walnuts. 
  • The painting on the far wall is by Richard Prince(American painter and photographer)
  • An Albert Oehlendrawing hangs above the original fireplace. 
black wood dining table

Powder Room 

  • An artwork by Peter Doig( contemporary Scottish artist, celebrated as one of the most important representational painters working today) and a Liaigre(a House of creation whose value proposition lies in simplicity, quality, balance, and beauty.) 
  • stool accent a powder room, outfitted with a statement-making stone sink.
sink with white marble

Adam Levine Bedroom Interior

  • It has direct access to the lawn from both the sides which gives them natural light and a view to look at and cherish the quality moments along.
  • Bedroom is also well connected to their private areas like the wardrobes of Adam and the supermodel and also to their lavish and relaxing washroom area.
  • A Raymond Pettibon painting surmounts a Clements design bed upholstered in a Pierre Frey bouclé. 

      “It’s not exactly earthquake-friendly, but we’re willing to die for that piece of art”

  • Glass openings with black frames highlight the entire focal point of the light- toned room i.e. the view of the outside lawn. 
  • Doors perfectly blend in with the wall, not trying to gain any attention towards them. 
  • The textures and tones work in harmony to tranquilize the interiors for the owners after a busy day at work. 
luxery bedroom
black LED tv
large window in bedroom

Home Office Interior

  • It is like the office kind of makeshift into a little studio.
  • As Behati supports the foundation knows as save the Rhinos namibia, Adam gifted her a beautiful still Photograph of rhino by Andrew Zuckerman,known for doing incredible, still photographs of animals.
  • Adam also has an old 5150,like completely Jerry-rigged, not very fancy guitar that he always admired and wanted to have and now it is used as a mantelpiece in his studio office
  • a vintage Tabriz rug from Woven breaks the monotony within the shades of brown. 
  • A curved working desk ( by Charlotte Perriand) along with Mats Theselius burnt sienna chair completes the composition of the space. 
Rhino Painting on wall

Adam Levine Bathroom Interior

  • The bath is well connected to both of the celebrities’ closets which makes the whole circulation smooth.
  •  There is an extensive use of Calacatta marble on the vanity as well as the wet area including the bathtub.
  • Interior details-
    – White wash basin cabinets
    – glass cubicles
    – rectangular mirrors with smooth edges on the walls
    – Linearly elongated lamps 

– Joseph Dirand sconces and an antique Dorokhsh carpet (from Woven)
– symmetry showing on the wall with mirrors and washbasins

– merging doors

  • As mentioned by behati the requirement for a separate wet room was necessary as the couple wanted to enjoy playful moments with their kids.

  • Also the bathroom has a sauna where Adam spends a lot of his time.
Large Bathroom


  • Behati’s dressing room has a custom Clements design daybed to enjoy her quiet time and enjoy her memories of being a supermodel.
  • The daybed acts as a focal point of the entire space because of its mauve colour and wooden bottom support.
  • The wooden cabinets show a sense of symmetry and act as the mirror images of one another.
  • Her wardrobe consists of shelves of various varieties ranging from vertical to horizontal and a combination of both to collect all the antiques in her wardrobe.
  • Beautiful white dressing table with white chairs and a long mirror completes Behati’s fulfilling wardrobe.
  • The wardrobe has a light feel that highlights all her accessories and collections.
  • LED strips are used in the cabinets of the wardrobe.
  • Adam’s wardrobe is quite similar to that of Behati’s (composition) except he has an entire wall dedicated for his sneakers collection, consisting of 8 horizontal, wall to wall planks, which are black in colour coordinated with the Rick Owens daybed.
Behati Wardrobe
Adam Wardrobe
Behati Wardrobe
Adam Wardrobe

Adam Levine House Interior Bar

  • The room has a dark and moody feel which is exactly what Adam and Behati wanted.
  • There is this one wall dedicated by Adam to some of his favorite people in the world.
  • Grey fur rug (by woven) 
  • Beige coloured sofa with burnt sienna and olive green cushions. 
  • Black curved table with a 
  • A pair of Jacques Adnet chairs sits in the den, where the color palette turns a bit moodier – wooden frame, blue and white check fabric. 
  • Faded olive green walls 
  • Exposed concrete ceiling
  • Under counter round wooden seat with white frame stools
  • A warm Fireplace of exposed concrete in coordination with the den. 
  • The den consists of a preparation slab and an inbuilt space for Adam’s tequila collection. 
frames in adam levine house
alchohal bottles

Adam Levine House Interior Theatre 

  • 2 Arcade machines
  • 1 couch
  • 1 screen
  • 1 TT table behind the couch
  • Interior details
        – Burnt sienna, U- shaped couch for a comfortable family show. 
  • White and orange cushions to complement the surrounding tones
  • Dark interiors with olive green walls, maintaining a dark and shady colour palette 
  • Khaki curtains 
  • Plain off white ceiling 
  • Wooden flooring
  • Wooden cabinet for extra storage inside the theatre.
  • 2 Campana Brothers lounge chair- dark brown soft fur chairs 
  • Jonas Wood artwork 
Theater screen
sofa set
sofa chair

Adam Levine House Interior Case Study


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