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10 Gifts for Architects and Interior Designers [BUY GUIDE]

There is no occasion for gifting, but the day becomes an occasion for gifting. So don’t wait or think twice before gifting something to your architect buddy. They provide you with creative ideas and skillful designs and guide you through the intricacies of planning. It is now time to repay this favor and thank them with a gift. Wondering what could be a great gift idea for them? Don’t worry, to make this easy for you, here are some creative Gifts for Architects.

1. Mechanical Pencils

They can be good presents for architects. Architects do a lot of precise drawing work. Mechanical pencils are used to provide a line of constant width, without the need for sharpening, for tasks such as clean-looking writing, and can also be used for fine art drawing. They are popular gifts for architecture students and can be a perfect gift for an architect. There are many types of Mechanical Pencils on the market so we have picked which are the Best Gifts for Architects.

2. Grid Notebook

This could be a good Gifts for Architects. Architects need a grid notebook to sketch accurate floor plans and drawings. They come in different sizes and are used by every architect for different purposes throughout their architecture school and professional life. It can be a helpful gift for architect boyfriend and will surely make him happy. . There are many types of Gird Notebook on the market so we have picked which are the Best Gift for an Architect.

3. Sketch Book

Architects love sketching. It can be a great gift for architecture enthusiasts. They will use it to put an idea from their mind to paper. There are various sizes available in these sketchbooks. Choose the one suitable for your architectural friend. We have listed A3, A4, and A5 size Best sketchbooks for architects. A4 is larger than A5 and smaller than A3 so choose accordingly.

4. rOtring Pen Sets

It could prove to be a good architectural gift for teens. It is the modern drafting pencil with hefty metal construction, a knurled grip, and a mechanism at the end of the pencil that you can turn to reflect the hardness of the lead you are using. Simply put, they are some of the best gifts out there for drawing and writing with perfect precision. Rotring technical pen ink is suitable for use on tracing paper, vellum, drawing paper, and line board. It is lightfast, fast-drying, waterproof, and smudge-free on dry. Architects use them for making their final sketches for presentation. From a wide variety, here are some which suites the best rOtring pen for architects.

5. I Built It Miniatures

They can be nice presents for architects. They design intricately detailed architectural model kits and manufacture them with the function of gaming terrain. They will surely prove to be a creative gift idea for architects. They can be a great decoration for their Architectural office too. Check out their site, even you as a non-architecture background will definitely like it.

6. Magnetic Cube

Besides, it will also be a good toy to release stress. Your masterpiece of colored cubes can also be a great decoration for your home or office desk! Suitable for office use, used for creativity, and crafts decoration on your desktop. It will be a helpful gift for an architect.

JIALEEY Magnetic Cube Relief

7. Lego Architecture

It will be a great architectural theme gift. Lego is a good way of explaining what architecture, at its core, is really about. The rigor and logic of the Lego bricks allow for an infinite number of combinations. LEGO® Architecture sets are the best gifts for architecture students, young architects aged 13+ and adults. Whether they’re fascinated by STEM, famous buildings, or landmarks, our architectural model-building kits and architecture toys will challenge and impress every creator! We have LEGO® structures from all around the world – from New York City

gift for architects

8. Architectural Books

They will be the best gift for your architect friend. There are various books available now that will prove to be of great importance and value to your child, friend, or partner and their progress.

Gift for Architects

9. Laptop Accessories

They too are really very nice presents for architects. They can prove to be great personalized gifts as you can select from various designs and colors available. It could be a mouse, keyboard, cooling pad, laptop bag, organizer, or another portable screen. We have listed best-in-class products for architects. Want to check more laptop essentials for an architect. Check this.

bag for architect

10. Graphic Tablet

A very useful gift for your architect major. They work well with laptops via a USB port. It enables the user to hand-draw images, animations,, and graphics, with a special pen-like stylus similar to the way a person draws images with a pencil and paper.

11. Document Tube

A very cool and good present for architects. They are suitable for carrying documents, blueprints, and artworks. They are an ideal choice for both short and long journeys.

gift for architects

12. Digital Products

Architects do a lot of work on software. For these softwares, they need some assets or products which can be time savers for them. These can make their work easy and help them a lot. You can gift them these Products and they will remember you whenever they will use it.

Check Out Digital Products Gifts made for an Architect

Gift for architects

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