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Modern Luxury House Interior

Modern Luxury House Interior

Monochrome Scheme Modern Luxury House Interior

In this style, a single color is used in different tones giving it a monochrome look.

In the image white to black tones are used making a perfect balance. White doors and gray walls give a focus on doors.

Layered grey rugs and a black marble coffee table provide a luxuriously dark and textural base for the light and airy room.

Diamond shape table in golden tone perfectly blending with the dark monochrome scheme.

Traditional Scheme House Interior

Traditional Scheme House Interior

Chairs are the main contributor to the traditional scheme. Every tradition has its unique style of chair. Secondly, the flooring print and the wall decors enhance the style.

Boiserie Style Interior

Boiserie Style Interior

Boiserie style is mainly distinguished by the paneling done on the wall. It also adds a classic and traditional look to the place. The round sofa chair blends perfectly with the paneled walls and creates an open and welcoming space.

Colourful House Interior

Colourful Modern Luxury House Interior

Too many colors are not always bad! The base color white on the walls is complimenting all the bright colors and making the focus point at the furniture placed.

Dark Interior

Dark Interior

For black lovers, creating a space in a black tone that looks great can be achieved by adding lights and glass cupboards.

This makes the space light up even when everything is black.

Variation in the texture of black can also bring a magnificent change.

Light Interior

Light Interior

Light color rooms are good to accompany with small windows.

The door is hidden nicely in the wall with the same white color.

The transparent glass table is maintaining the white tone flow in the room.

Minimalistic Modern Luxury House Interior

Minimalistic Modern Luxury House Interior

Minimalistic design can be also luxuries and comfortable too. These designs allow more breathing space in the space.

Double Height Modern Luxury House Interior

Double Height Modern Luxury House Interior
Double Height Modern Luxury House Interior

Double height always increases the luxury of the room and makes the space more welcoming. The type of staircase should also match to the style of the room.

Ornated House Interior

Ornated Modern Luxury House Interior

Ornamented window and false wall Jali add decadence and shine.

False Wall House Interior

False Wall Modern Luxury House Interior

False walls are a good alternative to join and separate two spaces at the same time. They can also accommodate new need as a TV cabinet and glass cabinets.

Wooden House Interior

Wooden Modern Luxury House Interior

Wood can give a warm look to your luxury room. Wooden roof and stairs are elements in the shown room. These transparent chairs serve the purpose without disturbing the wooden scheme of the room.

Retro Modern Luxury House Interior


Retro with luxury is never old. Diluted colors with portraits on the walls complemented with a colorful rug.

Large View Modern Luxury House Interior

Large View

Large windows with a large lawn in front are always the best way to flaunt the luxury of the room. The black frame of the window is making a focus on it.

Industrial Modern Luxury House Interior


The industrial look can be luxurious too. The attached garage showcasing the luxury car is adding luxury and focus to this scene. The I-Beam and the decorative structure on the wall behind the sofa give it the perfect industrial look with luxury.

Marble Modern Luxury House Interior


Marble is always a symbol of luxury. The perfect lighting and chandelier are making the room perfect. The white sofa and the false wall are contributors to the luxury of this room.

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